Gilmore Girls: Rory/Dean moments
└ 1.07 - Kiss & Tell

Friday Apr 26 @ 11:30am

“Lorelai Gilmore: disappointing mothers since 1968.”

Thursday Apr 25 @ 11:30am

Wednesday Apr 24 @ 11:30am

So I kinda totally abandoned this blog! Apologies!

I’m gonna try link it up with my other blog so I can keep on top of it better!

I’ve put a few things in the queue too! Enjoy!

Edit: I can’t link them up :( but someone poke me on my other blog if I forget about this one again!

Wednesday Apr 24 @ 10:40am

color meme — nervoustruth asked -> gilmore girls in purple

color memenervoustruth asked -> gilmore girls in purple

Sunday Jul 15 @ 04:57pm

Rarely use this account anymore! My bad!

Sunday Jul 15 @ 04:57pm
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